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CrossFit BRICK Houston

Constantly varied high-intensity functional movements combines weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning lead by specialized coaches focused on helping our members achieve measurable fitness goals.

B | Movement

Designed for first-timers to learn all the foundational movements of CrossFit, learn verbiage and movement patterns from a experienced coach. It also is for experienced athletes that are looking to improve there fitness level by honing in on technical movement patterns.


Brick’s twist on high-intensity interval training utilizes light weights at high volumes in conjunction with Concept II rowers, Assault Bikes, and Concept II Skii Ergs that make for a challenging and fun experience in every class.


Offering a 55 and older class that is set to a pace so everyone can achieve a proper workout and still get personalized coaching so we stay away from any injuries that might occur. Making each workout fun and exciting so we never get into any boring repetition is the coaches main objective here.

B | Power

Workout on your schedule with your own coach who can tailor each workout to help you reach your goals.Aesthetics driven class that uses isolation lifts to engage certain muscle groups to achieve a higher overall strength. With circuit style programming gives the member ample time to complete the superset of 2 or 3 movements with a partner at a moderate pace to achieve maximum power output.


Hybrid fitness class that combines both our signature metabolic conditioning with select barbell movements allowing all fitness levels to fine tune technique, increase both strength & aerobic capacity and get their sweat on!


Using multiple objects to create a functional workout that translates to many different daily routines for people that are in the labor line of work. Also caters to mainly daily activities we already preform to help expedite those at home projects.


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