Kim is our bad-ass mama to be! She has continued to work out consistently throughout her second pregnancy, and with a smile the entire time. She inspired the BRICK Chicago community when she completed the entire 2017 CrossFit Open RX’d, even hitting a few handstand pushups and chest to bar pull-ups along the way! Kim has been an excellent example of training smart, listening to your body, and having FUN with fitness.

Read below to learn more about Kim!

What’s your full name? Kimberly Joy Barnes

Tell us a little bit about yourself…job, family etc.
I work at JPMorgan and manage a team in Commercial Banking Regulatory Operations. Our main responsibility is to manage anti-money laundering regulatory exams and audits globally. I’ve been married for 4 ½  years to my husband, Dave, who is a very casual crossfitter, often found at CrossFit Construct RXing with the women’s prescribed weight. We have a 2 ½ year old boy, Kellen, who loves hockey, a 10-year old black lab, Jasper, who loves cheese and a baby due July 4th.

How long have you been a member at Brick?  I am a founding member at Brick. I believe I officially joined in November of 2015.

What do you love most about Brick? For me, convenience is imperative. I keep a busy schedule and the variety of classes, times and open gym has given me time back in my day! The coaching staff is pretty amazing too!

How has CrossFit/Brick affected your life outside of the gym?  I’ve been CrossFitting for almost 7 years and although I love to complain, I’m really passionate about it and it’s a big part of my life.

What’s your favorite movement?  Hmmm see answer above. 😉 I do love to complain about pretty much everything but my favorite is probably a squat clean.

Any advice for anyone getting started at Brick?  Don’t be intimidated…the names and movements will come. Modify movements until you’re comfortable. It’s way easier to learn how to kip pull-ups once you’re able to do at least a few strict pull ups. I promise, no one is paying attention to you. Mostly everyone is staring at the clock and trying not to die.

What motivates you to live an active and healthy lifestyle?
I’m a more productive and all around better wife, mother and employee after a good sweat sesh. Plus I love feeling strong.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments you have achieved at Brick?
My strict hspu’s definitely improved! I don’t track weights or times…for me, it’s not about getting stronger or faster or leaner. I come to feel good and the rest just happens as a result!

What are you passionate about?
My husband, my little boy, New Zealand savvy B, and traveling with all of the above.

What is your spirit animal and why?
Kenyatta. She’s a beast! Jk. I have no clue. ??