A. 4 Sets of:

Single Arm DB or KB Strict Press x 6-8 reps each arm @21X1

Rest 60 Seconds

Farmer’s Walk x 200 feet

(as heavy as possible without dropping the weight)

Rest 60 seconds


KB Strict Press from Rack (pause 1 second @ top)

800 Total Feet of Farmers Walk


B. 4 Sets of:

30 Seconds of DB Plank Rows

(hold push-up position, row left, row right…repeat)

Rest 30 seconds

30 Seconds of Bike for Calories

Rest 30 seconds

30 Seconds of Toes 2 Bar

Rest 30 seconds

Score = Total Reps + DB Plank Row Weight

note type of Bike if Assault or AD


DB Plank Suggested Load #45/25

Intended Stimilus

90% Effort