As soon as you walk into the door, you’ll realize that BRICK is different!

About Us

At BRICK, we don’t do one-size-fits-all fitness. Why would we? Everyone comes to us with different needs, goals, and objectives. And, we’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want.

BRICK‘s skilled coaches have developed a new approach to fitness, building an athletic program that’s comprehensive, inclusive and always challenging. Inside these walls, your safety is always our foremost priority.

Our selection of programs includes: CrossFit, The Academy, our educational on-ramping series; B|X, our high-intensity circuit-style workout B|Fit our strength and conditioning program; Yoga, and the BRICK Barbell Club. Regardless of the class or classes you take, you’ll be excited, engaged and always having fun.

At BRICK, we’re about more than just fitness. We’re a family – a family supported by a team of coaches and staff, each dedicated to offering guidance and support to you, every day. Since we believe you deserve the best when you’re giving your best, all our amenities are top of the line.

Here, inside the BRICK walls, things are different. Cheers are louder, smiles are bigger and expectations are higher. That’s why you’ll be able to do a little more, move a little faster and stick with it a little longer.


Since joining BRICK a year ago I have accomplished many things I didn’t think were possible based on the progress I had previously seen at other facilities. I’ve PR’d my deadlift, back squat, and overhead squat as well as completed multiple workouts as prescribed. I also recently got my first kipping pull-up. In addition to these gains I was able to, with the help of a nutrition coach, dial in my diet and hit my body composition goals. I attribute this to the awesome programming, coaching and support at BRICK

Isabelle G.

I was completely new to CrossFit when I joined BRICK. I had never experienced anything like it! The community and the coaches created a supportive and fun environment which made it easy to stay motivated and feel safe. I like the changes I see in my body physically and the feeling of being generally more fit. Many years ago I was very overweight and felt that getting in shape was a continuous battle. BRICK has made it easier for me by providing a platform where I truly enjoy coming to the gym.

Danny H.