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Your BRICK journey starts with a FREE CLASSScheduled at a time that fits your schedule, you’ll get to experience our style of training and community first hand.  What are you waiting for?  


  • If you are just passing through town, our drop-in fee is $25 per visit.
  • For CrossFit, there is no need to pre-register, come to whichever class best fits your schedule.
  • Please come 15 minutes early to sign a quick waiver and you’re good to go!
  • Interested in another class besides CrossFit? Check out the other classes we offer. You MUST pre-register for those classes here.
  • No childcare is provided.
  • CrossFit classes require previous experience.
  • We do not post our programming but we promise that every day we provide the best fitness experience and you will get a great workout.

We hope that you enjoy the change in scenery, coaching, community and more at any of our BRICK locations. We are conveniently located right in the Central Loop/Business District.

We are excited to meet you and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip here!