One of the best things that CrossFit has highlighted is the importance of community. What does that mean though? Follow these tips to be a fabulous team player.

  • Support those who finish after you. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to yell at them to finish their workout. Sometimes, people don’t like that. Give them a cheer to keep going every once in awhile, but keep in mind if they are giving all they can. If they aren’t, encourage. If they are, let them do their thing!
  • Wait to put your equipment away. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re trying to finish up a workout, and someone walks in front of you with their box to put it away. Chill out a sec! You’ll have time to put your equipment away.
  • Be nice to strangers.¬†This isn’t a stranger-danger-kind-of-place. It should be a welcoming atmosphere for everyone – visitors and newbies alike! If someone doesn’t know where to get clips, or takes your jump rope on accident, help them out and don’t be a jerk!
  • Let loose! We have so many opportunities for you to have fun with BRICK aside from the killer workouts. Join us for our socials, pool party, amusement park trips, and Blacklight Fridays to get to know more people and see what we all look like in something other than Nikes and Lululemons.