by Coach Cez

Love it or hate it (most of us hate), the long EMOM is a staple of BRICK programming. After the first few minutes, you look up at the clock and think, “OMG another 27 minutes!! I’m never going to make it through this torture!” But just know this – after the pain comes healing!

So why do I love the long EMOM so much? It’s simple. MOTIVATION. It becomes increasingly difficult to push the intensity at home with long AMRAPs, especially with limited equipment, movements and no fellow BRICKsters and coaches to motivate you. That is why the EMOM is a valuable tool for our at-home WODs.

After we get past the first few minutes of the EMOM, we begin to shift our focus and perception. We attack each minute and movement as its own. We push the intensity to get to the rest. We cherish the rest. AMRAPs can become a slog. We push hard out of the gate, but then lose motivation as the minutes tick on. Our mindset during AMRAPs is that of marathon, whereas the EMOM becomes a series of short sprints.

So get at it with today’s EMOM! Push yourself, push your motivation and push the fun!

Some pointers to attack the EMOM like a boss:

  • Take it minute by minute. Movement by movement. Focus on finishing that minute and movement and how much rest you get in that minute. Nothing else. Next minute the same.
  • Cheer yourself on! We’re all at home. If you won’t cheer yourself on then no one will!
  • Strategize. Figure out the movements you’re going to have to push the intensity to optimize your rest. The movements where you can coast a bit to keep your heart rate low.
  • Cherish the rest! After the pain comes healing (rest). Knowing there is light at the end of each tunnel is powerful. Use it to help motivate you to propel past your limits.