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BRICK is affiliated with CrossFit, Inc. thru CrossFit, B|X, The BRICK Academy, BRICK Barbell Club, BRICK Endurance, CrossFlow, BRICK Gymnastics, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga and Personal Training.



High intensity, interval training workout with bodyweight and lightweight movements with high repetitions.

RUN | Endurance

For all levels focused on improving running technique through sprint, endurance & agility work.


Functional fitness movements combining weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance work, to increase overall work capacity.


Specializes in Olympic weightlifting movements, and accessory work to assist in lifting technique and overall strength.

BRICK |Academy

Designed for first-timers to learn all the foundational movements, learn verbiage and movement patterns.


Learn how to throw effective punches and kicks, while working up a sweat in this Muay Thai based class for all levels.