Looking to get your fitness in while staying outdoors? We’ve got you covered!


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FitLot combines weight training, bodyweight and monostructural exercises into a highly intense, full body, varied workout regime. You’ll see everything from dumbbells and kettlebells to barbells and medicine balls, as well as the Concept2 row machine, the dreaded Air Assault Bike and jumping rope. 

Swole Sesh

The new and improved muscle beach. This strength-based class focuses on different muscle groups and concentrates primarily on muscle building. In 30 minutes, we utilize tempo movement patterns with a combination of pyramid rep schemes and supersets to compliment our major muscle groups for the focus of the day. WARNING: may inspire shirtless selfies.


Strength and conditioning through varied, functional fitness movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit combines weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance work to increase overall work capacity.


Energy. Sweat. Fun. B|X is our high intensity interval training class, which we refer to as our “Sweat Fest.” We focus on moving and getting your heart rate up, while sneakily strengthening your body. Using Concept 2 rowers, Assault Air bikes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and your bodyweight, you’ll be sure to leave class having given it all you’ve got.