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BRICK’s coaches are highly qualified and will make sure you get a great, intense workout while staying as safe as possible.

Coach - Erica

Erica Giovinazzo

  • Coaches: CrossFit, Barbell Club
  • Hometown: Nashua, NH
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger
  • Athletic Background: Martial Arts, Fencing
Coach - Ryan

Ryan Porter

  • Coaches: Kickboxing
  • Hometown: Perth WA
  • Spirit Animal: Quokka
  • Athletic Background: Martial Arts
Coach - Alex

Alex Banuelos

  • Coaches: CrossFit, B|X, Academy
  • Hometown: South Central LA, CA
  • Spirit Animal: Wolf
  • Athletic Background: Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimmer, Water Polo, Triathlons
Coach - Cleveland

Cleveland Berto

  • Coaches: B|X
  • Hometown: Winter Haven, FL
  • Spirit Animal: Black Panther
  • Athletic Background: Football, Wrestling, Track & Field, and Boxing
Coach - Cesar

Cesar Flores

  • Coaches: CrossFit, Barbell Club
  • Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
  • Spirit Animal: Lion
  • Athletic Background: Baseball
Coach - Zach

Zach Mayer

  • Coaches: CrossFit, B|XC, B|X
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Spirit Animal: Buffalo
  • Athletic Background: Lacrosse
Coach - Kristina

Kristina Forest

  • Coaches: CrossFit, Academy
  • Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Spirit Animal: Bobcat
  • Athletic Background: Water Polo & Swimming
Coach - Israel

Israel Wright

  • Coaches: B|X, CrossFit
  • Hometown: Lancaster, CA
  • Spirit Animal: Princess Zelda
  • Athletic Background: High school sports, dance, and CrossFit in the military (started in 2006). Regionals athlete 2009 – ’13.
Coach - Nicole

Nicole Sherman

  • Coaches: Yoga
  • Hometown: Lake Worth, FL
  • Spirit Animal: Sea Turtle
  • Athletic Background: Dance
Coach - Caleb

Caleb Ellis

  • Coaches: CrossFit, Gymnastics
  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Spirit Animal: Great White Shark
  • Athletic Background: Football
Coach - Amanda

Amanda Douglas

  • Coaches: CrossFit, B|X, Academy
  • Hometown: Cypress, Texas
  • Spirit Animal: Baby Elephant
  • Athletic Background: Dancer
Coach - Mike

Mike Mensah

  • Coaches: Endurance
  • Hometown: Vancouver; British Columbia
  • Spirit Animal: Cheetah
  • Athletic Background: Professional Track and Field Athlete. Sprinter and Jumper.
Coach - Nomi

Nomi Nilson

  • Coaches: B|X
  • Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Spirit Animal: Tiger
  • Athletic Background: Elite Gymnast, Collegiate Sprinter/Hurdler, Professional Acrobatic Dancer,  Rock Climber.