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BRICK’s coaches are highly qualified and will make sure you get a great, intense workout while staying as safe as possible.

Nic Casuela

  • B|X Coach + Front Desk Manager at Grand Central
  • Has performed all over the US, Canada + New Zealand
  • Avid board game player

Arielle Childs

  • One and only time to compete in Spartan Beast and came in first for the women!
  • Own line of womens athelsiure gear!
  • Besides fitness related activities also holds a nutrition certification!

Matthew LeBaron

  • I have asthma and was never supposed to run – now I run races every year
  • I have 2 cats and would get more if I had space #catladyforlife
  • Certified in CrossFit Endurace L1, CrossFit L1 and Gymnastics

Joseph Campbell IV

  • Lost 97 pounds in 90 days
  • Coaching CrossFit for 7 years
  • Tetherball Champion 3 years in a row

Melody Sanchez

  • Competed for 3 years on a regional team
  • Lived in Mexico City for a year teaching English
  • Coaching CF for 4 years & have officiated basketball for 10 years

Marco Paùl

  • Originally from Monterrey, Mexico
  • Celebrating 5 years of being an athlete of and coaching CrossFit this year
  • Hardcore movie fan

Chris Keyloun

  • Coaching CrossFit for 3 years with CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • Taught English in Thailand for a year
  • Can be found throwing down the dance floor

Erin Bulvanoski

  • Division 1 collegiate swimmer & marathon runner
  • 8+ years fitness coaching experience
  • Has a SHAPE Fitness video series you can follow online

GO Green

  • Priced and sold Home Refinance Loans to investors for 3 years
  • Bachelors degrees in Criminology + Criminal Justice and Psychology
  • Bowling State and National champion

Katie Flaherty

  • CrossFit Level 1 & NASM CPT certifications
  • Worked for 7 years in Advertising/SEM before transitioning into fitness
  • Loves to travel solo & has seen 2 of the Natural Wonders of the World in one year (Great Barrier Reef & Aurora Borealis)

Ian Creighton

  • I used to be a 3 handicap golfer
  • Has been coaching at BRICK since it opened
  • Worked in finance for 8 years

Ben Sweeney

  • Played Div III Baseball at Colby Sawyer College
  • CrossFit Level1, NASM, ASCM CPT certifications and a BS in Exercise Science
  • Middle school Geography Bowl champion

Katherine “KG” Gundling

  • NASM certified with 7+ years training experience
  • Spontaneous salsa dancer
  • Fluent in Spanish + lived in Peru for 3 years

Sherry Ward

  • CFL1, NSCA and HHC certifications
  • Recently placed 4th in a ballroom dancing competition
  • There is a little naked sculpture of me after posing for Judith Weller years ago


Lauren Fleri

  • CrossFit Level 2 trainer and has been coaching for 6 years
  • Ran first marathon in high school
  • Competed in CrossFit for 7 years


Francesca Emanuele

  • 2x Super Regional competitor
  • In a music video for Alessia Cara, “Scars to your Beautiful” played on NYE all over the world
  • Have the most amazing puppy named Leo

Brock Brady

  • Three-time Regional Athlete individual CrossFit competitor in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • State champion in multiple art forms: martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu + Taekwondo
  • Six years of fitness coaching and 6+ years of Olympic lifting experience

Michael Martino

  • 2-sport athlete at SUNY Cortland
  • Owned my own CF affiliate in Oakdale, NY
  • Fave movie: Good Will Hunting

Josh McGregor

  • University All-American athlete in Greco-Roman Wrestling
  • 12 Years of CrossFit Experience
  • Fifth Grade Spelling Bee State Champion

Hollis Lewis

  • Loves outback adventure traveling all over the world
  • Practicing yogi for 16 years
  • Has been known to milk cows in his day

Sha Goode

  • B|X coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 certification
  • Starting her own consulting company