We all have dreams and ambitions. We all want to achieve and accomplish something. Whether it is conquering the world, snatching 300lbs, building a billion dollar business, 6 pack abs, or just getting to work on time. Somethings drives all of us. Some little voice that just keeps screaming at you to do something you have always dreamed about. How do we shut that annoying voice up? How do we achieve what we dream about? How do change our life? How do we accomplish the one thing we always wanted to do.

It is SIMPLE! You set a Goal, Decide you are going to achieve the Goal and take massive action towards it.

Yeah yeah, Ben we have all heard that before. And we have. We were taught all the way back in second grade when our teachers told us we could accomplish our dreams and be whatever we wanted when we grew up. They even taught us about SMART Goals. A great concept for goal setting but terrible in practice.


S – Specific

M – Measureable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time bound

Yes, this acronym would work great but how in the world do we put it into practice in the real world? Goal setting requires more than a great sentence that defines the Goal. Telling all your friends you will quit smoking by the end of 2018, never helped anyone achieve their goals. Notice it followed all of the SMART points too.

But there was no plan. There was no actionable dates. No punishment if you failed. No reward if you succeeded. No daily actions were taken.

How do we translate SMART Goals and all of its “goodness” into actually achieving our goals?

Follow these 8 Steps and SMART Goals will turn into Accomplished Goals!

  1. Decide what you will achieve?

This defines your goal. The decision outlines the measurable and specific pieces of the goal that you will accomplish. This goal must be a leap not just a step. You must think bigger than your first impression or guess. If you want to accomplish something it has to be bigger to drive you harder and farther. When a goal is small, we get complacent about accomplishing it. This decision shifts your mindset. You must create a change inside of yourself. This change is what subconsciously drives you to achieve your goal. It can’t be wishy washy or maybe. It must be “I will accomplish my goal”. Or “I am whatever my goal defines me”. MAKE A DECISION!

2.  Define when you will achieve the goal?

This is where time-based rolls in. You must set a date! Heck you should even set the hour in the day in which you will achieve it. “I will accomplish my goal on May 26th 2017 at 8:15 when I do ….” But remember achievable and realistic. No one changed the world in a week. Goals take months, years and decades, NOT days and hours. Since you are going big, you need to give yourself time to achieve it. But the date also has to drive you to push every day. One option is to look at how long it took others to accomplish that goal. Then determine if that is realistic for you? Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t or maybe you can do it better. That is for you to decide, but remember to push yourself. SET A DATE!

3.  Determine your Why!

Alright you decided on a giant goal that changes your life forever. That is heavy.  You better know why you decided on this goal. Because if you don’t know why you better pack it in now and just start over. I am not talking a simple answer to only one why question. I am talking about being able to answer, why do you want to achieve that goal? It goes into many more whys. Well, why by that date? Why would you feel the need to do that? Then five more renditions of why questions. At the end of the day, knowing your why is what drives you to accomplish your goal. This knowledge stands behind you when you falter. When times get tough, you will lean on your why to get you through. So this why better light a fire within you. KNOW YOUR WHY!

4.  Develop or Reverse Engineer the Plan

You have a goal and date. Now how do you get there? You have to define the plan to get you there. One of the best ways to define plan is by working backwards from your solution to where you are now. Do you remember good old elementary school math, when the teacher told you to work back to the answer? This is the exact same principle. So start from you goal and date and build out yearly, monthly and then daily milestones that you will need to hit to achieve your goal. Now these will all need to build on one another to reach your goal. Building from daily habits into monthly and yearly accomplishments. One habit at a time. You can only change one habit at a time. So do not expect to change everything at once on day one. You may last a week but you will fail before you reach your goal. So pick one habit. Then take baby steps with it every day. Soon enough it will be engrained and you will be on your way to accomplishing your goal. DEVELOP A PLAN!

5.  Write this all down

Yep that is right. You need to get out the old pen and paper and start writing and recording all of this down. Ok, maybe it does not have to be on pen and paper but need it needs to be recorded somewhere. You need to be able to look back on your goal and know where the next step is in the plan. You will not remember it all in your head. Do you remember everything? Not a chance. So you need a record to keep you on track and keep you going. 80% of people who write down their goals accomplish them. Ok, maybe the number is made up. But look a lot of successful people in this world they rely on writing down their goals. So you need to write down your goals and plans if you want to be successful like them.  You must write your goals down daily. This is a huge step. This keeps you focused on your goal. This drives your “why” into a daily reminder. No, it doesn’t have to be the whole plan daily. It can just be your goal statement with the date included. This will help you focus daily on the steps you have to take each to accomplish your goal.  WRITE DOWN YOUR GOAL!

6.  Find someone or something to hold you accountable

BUUUDDDDYYY! Yes, you need to use the buddy system. But this person isn’t the one who celebrates your goal when you tell them about it. This is the person who hears your goals and asks well how are you going to accomplish that? Why would you want to do that? This person holds you accountable. They know your plan. They can even be driving to the same goal as you are. Or they can have achieved your goal before. But at the end of the day they are the person holding you accountable. This person also develops your punishment if you fail at your goal. Yep that is right. You get punished if you fail at this goal. That is why step one was DECIDE! Because once you decided you were going to accomplish this goal you had better do it. But seriously researchers have found that fear of punishment can be one of the biggest motivating factors for why people do things. So pick a punishment. It can be as simple as losing money or donating to a cause you hate. There can be a good side too. This person can develop a reward for achieving your goal, outside of just achieving your goal. This can be anything as well. But it needs to be something that will help motivate you to succeed beyond your goal.  FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM/PARTNER!

7.  Know that obstacles are going to come and OVERCOME them!

Ok, so we know what we want, we know why, we have a plan for it all and we even have our buddy. But now the real world smacks us right in the face. Sorry for the violence but we all know life happens. Things will always happen to us in this world, both good and bad. The only thing we can control is our reaction to them. So now you have to choose what type of person you are going to be. Are you going to be the type of person when everything goes wrong the day you still do the thing you have to do to achieve your goal? You have to decide. You have to say yes I am going to stay up late and do this because my day got thrown into chaos. Or be the who says no I can’t join in today because I have to go work towards my goal. Bottom line: obstacles are going to come on this journey and you have to decide if you are going to overcome them and keep working to your goal.


Now you just have to take Massive action daily and watch yourself succeed


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