Your Name:
My childhood friends call me Annie, when I am traveling in Spanish-Speaking countries I’m Anita or Ana. Most of my friends/family have a different nickname they always use for me including: Anabelle, Hermi, Herms, Friendie, Mami, Bendie, Nannie, Buddy, Pantu, Mom… there are more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc… 
My hobby is being with people I love. I love my family and friends.  When new people meet my family/friends they often tell me how lucky I am, which I already know.  So, I really enjoy spending time with them.  I love the sun and the heat, tropical environments and the ocean, and traveling.  I also love my bed, cheese, not working and celebrating the 5:00 hour. And I enjoy sharing these things with those I love 🙂 

I like…
BRICK- duh. sushi, cheese, Italian food, sleeping, wine, going out to dinner…. this list really goes on…. 

I dislike…
I hate dill. It’s disgusting.  Quick way to ruin a nice meal.

I eat or what is your favorite food… 
A deli sandwich, pizza, anything with melted cheese on it, non melted cheese. I really like vegetables- love them in fact.  I like all the food and eating is pretty much one of the things I think about at all times, it’s one of the wallpapers hanging behind my other thoughts, along with some of the things.  

What goals have you achieved? What are your new ones? 
My main goal since this summer was to be happy and healthy emotionally, mentally and physically.  That is why I joined BRICK, I even quit two part times jobs to keep these things a priority.  Working out consistently has finally become a part of my life again, I am proud of that. 

What is your favorite movement? 
Savasana??? Burpees. NOT. Anything but a burpee is my favorite movement.

What is your favorite quote or words to live by? 

Favorite Quote: if you wait until the last minute it only takes a minute.
Words to live by: do those I love know how much I love them?

Do you have any advice to new members or someone thinking about joining or starting their fitness journey? 
BRICK is the best gym I have ever belonged to. Just walk in the door and they will take care of the rest! One of the many things I love about BRICK is there is no expectation of ability/strength, everyone can do something, and that’s enough. I appreciate that when someone has a modification to a movement/workout, it’s normal, they don’t stand out, no one is looking, no one cares (in a loving way), we are just all happy to have other people in the class with us.

What do you love about Brick Northern California? 
I love knowing that my coach knows me, and what I can and can’t do, pushes me at the right times and doesn’t let me push myself when I shouldn’t. I love that everyone, literally everyone, is happy to be there. I am so inspired by my friends who I work out with, and I love that they are my friends now. I am beyond thankful for this place and what is has done to and for my body, my health and my mind. So really, thank you.