• Your Name
    Sarah Boswell-Patterson
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc…
    I am a very busy Medical Business Professional and at the same time a very busy Wife and Mom.  When I am not in the office/hospitals you will find me reading a great book or catching up on a Netflix show super late at night.  My husband and I love to scuba dive and travel as often as we can.  We recently just started enjoying travel with our son too!  We love being as active in our little guy’s life as much as we can and whether we are on the soccer field coaching or at home at the kitchen table, we love spending time together.
  • I like…
    Enjoying the little things in life that may be so random or un-noticed otherwise; I love encouraging people and if I can make one person smile a day, that is my goal; BBQ’ing and baking.
  • I dislike…
    Chinese food LOL!
  • I eat or what is your favorite food…
    Mexican or Sushi
  • What goals have you achieved? What are you new ones?
    I made a really small goal to get past using the 22lb barbell for Olympic Movements, I just utilized the 45lb bar for the first time the other nite for the overhead press!  New goals: Do a pull up non-assisted by December 1, 2019 & not have to do step ups anymore (in lieu of box jumps) because of my ankles…and do at least 1 non-mod burpee lol!
  • What is your favorite movement?  
    I really enjoy doing deadlifts.
  • What is your least favorite movement?
  • What is your favorite quote or words to live by?
    “Be present” and “Be authentic and always think about what could go right”
  • Do you have any advice to new members or someone thinking about joining or starting their fitness journey?
    My best advice on this one, talk to me.  I started my fitness journey over 15 years ago and from  competing in Body Building to being a trainer myself, to not being in the gym, to now being a full time executive/wife/mom – balance is everything.  I started with Brick in April 2018 and was not consistent.  January 7, 2019 is the day I told myself to just “get it done” and since then, I take it one day at a time.
  • What do you love about Brick Northern California?
    I could write a very lengthy explanation on this but what I love about Brick is its people.  I am a shy person by nature although if someone smiles at me, I instantly open up.  Brick somehow has allowed me to come as I am, starting from ground zero all over again and never once passed judgement.  The first coach I ever worked out with was Rick and he set the stage on how wonderful Brick is.  Between Rick, Ron and Grant – they deserve an award for always encouraging me even when my body couldn’t give any more, but persevered forward and got me to complete my first CrossFit Open this year.