improve fitness

Written by Ron Gaza

Want to Improve Your Fitness?

Improving your fitness isn’t always about going faster or lifting more weight. I’ve been training people for over 10 years and I’ve found that it’s the small things that yield the biggest fitness improvement. To improve your fitness you need to start focusing on the little aspects of your training.

In no particular order here are the 5 things that you should be doing to improve your fitness and health.

Improve Your Technique

Technique is everything. Let me repeat that…


Ever look at certain lifts that seem so effortless by one person and the next guy’s lift looks like a complete yard sale?

I’m just not talking to beginners either. You guys sitting in the intermediate category probably need it the most since you’re getting stronger, faster, and are really pushing yourself.

Advanced lifters already know this. That’s why they’re advanced. Because they honed their technique down and strive for perfection.

Ok.. so how does technique help you out?

Proper technique will help save you from injuries like a tweaked back, knee issues, shoulder rotator/tendon problems, hip issues, elbow creaks…

And the list can go on and on….

During a workout performing the correct technique will actually help you go faster and lift more weight with ease.

Which in turn helps you lose weight faster and develop a better looking body.

Don’t Skimp on Your Warm Up

As a coach the warm-up isn’t some sick joke I like to play to torture you with more workouts.

It’s actually there to prevent you from getting injured.

Think of this…

You sit at a desk for 8 hours a day at work and then sit in your car for another 1 -2 hours for your commute.

You think your body is ready to go from 0 to beastmode with a couple of PVC pass throughs and some light stretches?

A good warm-up will increase your blood flow to the muscles and get those joints all loosey goosey.

How do you know when you’re ready?

You should have an elevated heart rate and a bit of sweat going to know you’re properly warmed up.

Learn to Pace Yourself

Tell me if this is you.

The workout is 150 wall balls for time.

Your hear that 3-2-1 countdown and it’s…

#FullSend #SendIt #LionsDontWarmUpBeforeTheHunt

You open up with a huge set of wall balls to start. 35 reps in under a minute.

You take a quick break and on your 2nd set you get 15 reps and rest for over 30 seconds now.

3rd set you’re only doing 8-10 reps. Barely getting the right height and your squat depth is like you’re hovering over a gross bathroom at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.

By your 5th set you’re sucking in air and rest breaks are taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 45. People are finishing and you still got 65 reps to go.


I see this type of thing all the time. People go out fast and burn out even faster.

When you do Metcons you need to understand your pace and not go out too hot.

There are two rules for proper pacing.

  1. Never take any set to failure.
  2. Break your sets into manageable chunks.

Let’s say we have this workout going.

300 wall balls for time

I’d break this up by doing 10 reps with short breaks. Each set is manageable and I still get a short break.

Small Wins and Chunking Things Down

You can’t come in every single day and expect to beat your previous time, go faster than before, and lift more weight. What you can do is small wins though.

Let’s say there’s a set of 30 burpees in the workout and you usually break it up into 5 sets of 6 reps.

For a small win try doing this rep scheme instead.

Or if there’s a 4 rounds of a 400m run and you typically will take a short walk to break it up after 200 meters. Try taking that walk at 225 meters instead.

We can’t always get big victories but don’t think there still isn’t a win to be had.

Improve Your Mobility

Having the proper mobility is a game changer.

Now you pair good mobility with awesome technique and workouts will be like night and day.

WOD’s that may have crushed you before will feel so much easier. Nagging pains that may have bothered you before will go away.

There are 3 main areas which almost everyone needs to work on.

Thoracic – (Your Back) Gaining mobility here will allow you to keep your back flat which is needed for movements like the squat, kb swing, deadlift, press…

Really anytime you lift weights being able to align your back properly is the key to a healthy back.

Shoulders and Chest

Sitting hunched over in a car, desk, scrolling through your phone is a recipe for a rounded back and forward sloping shoulders. Now try to lift anything overhead with these issues and you’re begging to have issues with your rotator cuff and tendons.


Sitting wreaks havoc on your hips and lower back. As your hips get tighter it will limit their range of motion thus tightening up your lower back.

There you have it. 5 things you can start doing today to improve your fitness and health.