• What attracted you to Brick? 
    Before enrolling at Brick, I was going to local fitness gym in Pleasanton for about 1 yr and 8 months and it all started with me deciding to enroll in a 6 week bootcamp for weight loss. I had good success with that program at local gym but I started to notice that the gym started focusing more towards getting new memberships and not focussing on offering better services for existing members with each session sizes getting closer to more than 22 members in small facility, coaches/trainers not able to provide individual attention. I had made progress in losing weight and trying to get stronger by focusing more on strength training rather than more cardio focused workout but was not getting any help from coaches. I decided to explore other gyms and enrolled for trial at Brick, as it was closer to home and the facility was well maintained. After trying out the different classes I immediately felt that Brick had all the key points I was looking for which are:
    1. Small session sizes – I have not been in any session which has more than 10 folks
    2. Varied type of work out programs – I love the fact that there is dedicated Barbell program for folks like me looking for strength training and B/Fit which is perfect again for folks like me that want to have 3 course meal kind of workout – which has stretching/mobility, strength and endurance (which is like a shortened CrossFit endurance session).
    3. Fantastic Coaches – The Three Rs ( Rick, Ron G, Ron Q) amazing individuals who are very accomplished in their professions. Each one of them have provided me guidance and tips on how to not just do the workouts but how to recover. They also tend to make sure when I provide them inputs on my condition/injury to adjust the workouts that does not aggravate my condition. Amazing set of individuals from whom I am continuing to learn a lot each day!!
  • How have Brick workouts helped you in your daily life?
    If one can stick to the key principles of proper workouts which no doubt Brick offers, proper nutrition and rest, results show in daily life and for me I can see that I can handle stress better, have focused approach to solving problems at work, have not fallen sick which is important in today’s world as each day needs to be productive day!!
  • Would you recommend Brick? Why?
    Absolutely recommend Brick any day as Brick is not just a Gym where you workout but has lot more with it’s community atmosphere, choice of workout programs and above all fantastic set of coaches!