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What sets the coaches at BRICK NorCal apart from the rest is that they are personally invested in helping you reach your full potential. When you enter BRICK NorCal you will be greeted by name, asked about your past fitness experience, and your fitness goals. BRICK NorCal’s coaches make any class we offer feel small and personable with individual attention and a focus on having fun, challenging, and safe workouts. Every class is structured and coach-lead throughout the entire hour.

When you walk through BRICK NorCal’s doors, you will see a coach who will greet you with a smile. Every highly qualified BRICK NorCal coach will modify the workout of the day based on your needs and skill level to make sure you get a safe, effective workout. Throughout the work out our coaches will be cheering you on, pushing you to give your best, and giving you cues to fix any improper form. When class is over you will be greeted with high fives and time to stretch/cool down, because at BRICK NorCal recovery and community are an essential part of the experience. Every BRICK Norcal coach will take the time to talk with you about nutrition, sleep, stress, or anything else that you want to improve. If you want an even more personalized approach to help you maximize your results, we offer an InBody scan which will help you by giving exact measurements on your muscle mass and percentage body fat.  At BRICK NorCal we are different because our coaches are not just here to get you in shape for the next beach day, but instead are here to help you achieve a better, happier, more fulfilling life.

Alicia Ambrosini

Director Of Operations

  1. B.S. Exercise Physiology, M.A. Sport Management
  2. CrossFit Level 1 trainer
  3. Former collegiate golfer
  4. Warriors fan!

Ron Gaza

  1. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  2. 10+ years of CrossFit coaching experience
  3. I have 6 dogs
  4. Favorite movie is The Princess Bride

Christina Taber-Tabuchi

  1. Avid Equestrian 
  2. Been a CrossFitter for 7 years
  3. Placed first in age group in the 2016 CrossFit Open NorCal region
  4. Children’s book author 

Dawn Gowanloch

  1. 200 hour RYT, NASM CPT/CES, Chek HLC
  2. 20+ years in the fitness industry in both group exercise and personal training
  3. Legit gluten free and dairy free baker/cook
  4. Anatomy geek

Ronald Quintero

  1. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  2. Currently chasing the world’s 7 summits
  3. Was on a reality competition show on NBC, twice
  4. Can whistle very loudly